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All websites use cookies, including our Websites. A cookie is a simple digital text file that is sent to the User’s or Customer’s device (server, PC, notebook, tablet, smart phone) when visiting the website. This small file is then stored in the device’s memory by the browser. Cookies do not store e-mail addresses or telephone numbers, however. Cookies enable a server to recognize the browser and keep track of browsing history. Eurofiber uses cookies to remember preferences and settings in order to improve user experience during the next visit to the Website.

Types of cookies

We use the following types of cookies:

  • Functional cookies
  • Analytics cookies
  • Performance cookies
  • A/B testing cookies
  • Tracking cookies
  • Profiling cookies

Functional cookies

These cookies ensure that a Website functions properly. They remember that you are already logged in, for example.

Analytics cookies

These cookies enable Eurofiber to collect visitor statistics. These statistics allow us to view user information, such as your location and screen resolution. This information enables us to continually improve how a Website works, helping Eurofiber to provide a better user experience.

Performance cookies

Eurofiber uses performance cookies, also known as affiliate cookies, to analyze how frequently banners are clicked on and how often a Website is accessed through Google. We use this information to obtain insights about how the Website is used. This may include how many people visit a Website following a specific campaign and whether the displayed advertising is relevant to them, for example, but also whether the campaign helped to generate a purchase or registration. Eurofiber uses these cookies in such a way that the individual privacy of a User or Customer is properly protected.

A/B testing cookies

We may use what is known as A/B testing cookies. These cookies enable Eurofiber to see which version of a particular page on a Website is popular with visitors.

Tracking cookies

Eurofiber uses tracking cookies for the purpose of analyzing a Website. They provide us with information about browsing habits and patterns on a Website, for example. This information enables us to continually improve a Website and assess problems. Eurofiber additionally collects data which helps in identifying trends, revealing, for example, the reasons for visiting a Website and which mobile phones are popular. We use this information for future advertising purposes. Eurofiber only uses tracking cookies after obtaining explicit consent from a User or Customer.

Profiling cookies

These cookies, which are also a type of tracking cookie, enable Eurofiber to ensure that the displayed advertising is more relevant to visitors’ interests. We may place cookies on several Eurofiber websites, for example, in order to gain insight into those interests. This helps to ensure that offers are better tailored to preferences. We use profiling cookies only after obtaining explicit consent from a User or Customer.

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Eurofiber is transparent about how we treat personal data. Our Cookie Policy make an explicit contribution to promoting transparency. In case of questions, we can be contacted by e-mail at We can also be contacted by post: Eurofiber Nederland B.V., attn. Marketing Department, PO Box 7072, 3502 KB Utrecht, The Netherlands, stating ‘personal data’. You have the right to inspect your own personal data and correct any errors; the above contact information can also be used for that purpose.


Eurofiber reserves the right to modify the Cookie Policy from time to time. The most recent version of the Cookie Policy can easily be viewed at any time easily via the Websites.

Amendments to the Cookie Policy

Eurofiber reserves the right to amend its cookie policy from time to time. Eurofiber therefore advises you to visit this page regularly in order to check whether any changes have been made.

This cookie policy was most recently amended on September 1st, 2015.

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