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Procurement is defined as the process of finding and agreeing to terms, and acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding process. It concerns all activities for which we receive third-party invoices, and is a supporting function without budget responsibility.

Procurement ensures that all goods, services, or works are properly acquired. Price, quality, quantity, time, and location are compared in order for projects and processes to be executed as efficiently and successfully as possible. Our procurement processes are designed to promote fair and open competition, while minimizing risks such as exposure to fraud and collusion.

Annually, Eurofiber buys goods and services that are worth approximately 200 million euros from about 1,600 suppliers, defined here as third parties who send us a purchase invoice (reference: 2023). Suppliers enable us to a greater or lesser extent to fulfill our customers’ needs by means of the products and/or services our suppliers provide. This includes goods and services that are directly related to the end product or service, such as passive and active materials, deployment contractors, and hiring of third-party networks. It also extends to goods and services that are not directly related to the end product/customer, but rather support primary processes, such as IT, office supplies, temporary workers, consultancy, printed materials, etc. Procurement is responsible for monitoring, managing and supervising the purchasing processes throughout the organization, which consist of specifying, selecting, contracting, ordering, monitoring and aftercare.

Key figures on Procurement


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We take social responsibility seriously. We are strongly committed to operating in an ethical, sustainable and secure way. Our services are crucial to the continued performance of the economy in the Benelux and to society as a whole. As a vital part of society, Eurofiber has a huge responsibility, not just for assuring the quality of our services, but also for carefully considering the way they are established and the well-being of the people that contribute. One of Eurofiber’s five strategic pillars is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which has been placed at the level of the Executive Board. Concern for people and climate is anchored within our organization, processes and company culture.

We constantly update our policy on corporate social responsibility based on the latest developments in Eurofiber, our supply chain and society as a whole. That includes the way we report on our accountability and responsibility. Our 2020 CSR report covers Eurofiber Netherlands B.V. and DP Holding B.V. The information in this report has been verified by FIRA Sustainability.

Requirements to suppliers

When Eurofiber purchases goods or services, it sets high requirements for the suppliers. Eurofiber considers suppliers as partners when it comes to achieving objectives. This is why Eurofiber works with suppliers who are capable of achieving strategic objectives collectively and are able to implement improvements within the chain. Eurofiber concludes concrete and contractual agreements in close consultation with the suppliers. In doing so, Eurofiber lays the foundations for structural cooperation.   

In addition to laying down specifications for goods and services, Eurofiber sets requirements for the supplier in terms of human rights, the environment, working conditions and business integrity. Anyone supplying to Eurofiber must therefore comply with the Suppliers Code of Conduct

Complaints: something not going well?

We are dedicated to maintaining a good and transparent relationship with our suppliers. That is why we do everything in our power to ensure our co-operation works for you. Each expression of dissatisfaction of any of the parties we work with, we see as a signal that something may have gone wrong. It may occasionally occur that agreements are not fulfilled to your satisfaction. If that is the case, we would like to rectify that problem. We are a reliable customer, and will work with you to find a solution.