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Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), sensoring, 3D-printing … Welcome to Industry 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution is well underway and has been causing major changes in our society – and your sector. A solid ICT foundation is an essential asset for organizations to evolve along with all these technological innovations. Not only does it provide a basis for strengthening your current competitive position, but it also supports you in developing future business models. How are you strengthening your competitive position?

Fiber-optic connection essential for solid ICT network 

Investing in ICT? You don’t have to persuade ICT managers of the added value. A solid ICT network with fiber-optic connections lays the foundation for growth and innovation: cloud-based solutions, IoT, sensoring and a warehouse fully equipped with AI. Even executive boards that currently view ICT as a secondary business process and a cost item on the budget are starting to realize that investing in ICT pays off, and then some. The biggest advantages: continuity, cloud connectivity, efficiency, a flexible organization and effective cybersecurity and data security.

Digitalization & data technology for smart factories

Industry-wide ICT and digitalization increase efficiency throughout the chain. Examples include shorter lead times, fewer errors and improved quality – and that’s not all. Investing in digitalization and data technology leads to the creation of a ‘smart factory’: the factory of the future. This gives you opportunities to innovate and consolidate your competitive edge. How about innovative business models, cutting-edge service concepts and groundbreaking production processes?

Competitive, efficient production by using robots

Faster time-to-market and continuous productivity improvement? Time to deploy robots. Trend forecasts suggest that nearly 2 million new industrial robots will be installed worldwide in 2022. Simplification, collaboration and digitalization are key drivers. The desire to produce high added-value components efficiently and competitively within the local ecosystem is also a relevant factor. And linking robots to IoT and the cloud offers opportunities for new business models. Just imagine ‘Robot as a Service’ (RaaS).

Is your infrastructure ready for Industry 4.0?

Are you eager to join the fourth industrial revolution? Make sure your ICT network is ready. The vast majority of ICT decision-makers worldwide are convinced that their infrastructure is not yet ready for the latest innovations. The bottleneck: their current network cannot handle even more users, data and applications. Curious to discover how we future-proofed the infrastructure of a number of large industrial organizations? Our experts would love to tell you more.


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