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Transfer privacy-sensitive data responsibly.

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This team is your single point of contact for all your connectivity business.

The updated European data protection regulations have far-reaching implications. If your organization fails to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, you’re risking a serious fine. Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network gives you a secure way to transfer privacy-sensitive data.

We guarantee this in 4 ways:

1. Fully underground network

Our fully underground and fusion-spliced fiber-optic network minimizes the risk of data interception. Our Network Monitoring Center monitors what’s happening on your network 24/7.  We only work with certified contractors.

2. Encrypting data with WDM Encrypted

Encryption offers you the assurance that any data intercepted along the way is unusable by third parties. Would you like to have a maximum-security connection between different locations within your organization? Eurofiber’s WDM Encrypted makes it possible to securely encrypt data sent across a network.

3. Highest standards for all our services and processes

All of our services and processes are designed to the highest standards and regularly reviewed in accordance with globally recognized standards.
Our management system is certified against ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and holds an ISAE 3402 Type II Attestation. 

Eurofiber’s services have been certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), the international organization that defines standards for Ethernet and related fields. Eurofiber’s E-Line and E-LAN service are MEF9 and MEF14 certified, and our E-Access service has been MEF CE 2.0 certified since early 2018.

4. Optimal security and availability

Concentrate on managing your organization, while securely outsourcing management and maintenance of your ICT environment to us, or moving it into the cloud. With our managed services, you can count on optimum security and availability of your applications and information. Do you have questions or would you like advice tailored to your situation? An expert will be standing by 24/7.


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