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Datacenter Services

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Datacenter services

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Allow employees, customers and partners to access real-time information anytime, anywhere. With the additional Datacenter Services from Eurofiber Group member Eurofiber Cloud Infra and Eurofiber France, we support you with high-quality colocation solutions. From eleven state-of-the-art Tier3 datacenters  in the Netherlands and France situated near Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, Brabant (2x) ,Lille (3x), Toulouse and Bouillargues we provide secure hosting for your mission-critical information and systems while delivering ultra-reliable connectivity and more.


Eurofiber offers you a secure and scalable environment for externally hosting servers, replicating your IT environments, creating a back-up facility or distributing your IT services. You can purchase anything from a quarter of a rack up to a full data room. The co-location solutions offered assure the continuity of your IT environment.

  • Meets the highest quality standards
  • 100% green
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISAE 3402, NEN 7510
  • Excellent facilities
  • 24/7 security and accessible

Twin datacenter

Eurofiber offers colocation solutions from centrally located Tier3 datacenters. The geographically separated datacenters are mutually connected through a redundant dark fiber ring and offer maximum availability (uptime). The twin datacenter solution offers you even more continuity assurance, so your IT environment is always available.


The datacenters allow you to access Eurofiber’s reliable fiber-optic network, delivering different types of connectivity: Ethernet VPN, IP VPN, Dark Fiber or WDM. By also deploying Eurofiber’s Business Internet solution, you can offer employees, customers and partners secure access to your centrally stored data and applications. The datacenters are carrier-neutral: you have complete freedom to decide which carrier will supply the services and connections, enabling you to fully utilize co-location in the datacenters.

Additional services

  • Moving and migration – Use our extensive knowledge and expertise in project management, procedures and planning when moving your server parks to a Eurofiber location.
  • Remote Hands − A team of qualified employees is available 24×7 to receive, install and re-boot your equipment, inspect the cabling and check the alarms, and more.
  • Internet Access and Internet Transit – Choose one of these two services for your Business Internet.

Datacenter in detail

The datacenters are centrally located in the Netherlands and France and meet the most stringent demands for security, climate control and sustainable energy usage. They have been designed in accordance with Tier3 standards and constructed using the latest techniques.

  • All facilities have a back-up system, from power supply and cooling to emergency generator. Both datacenters are N+1 built from the ground up and have achieved an availability (uptime) of 100% since our start.
  • We only use green energy in the datacenters. We comply with international commitments such as ‘The Green Grid’ and the ‘EU Code of Conduct’. We are also compliant with ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, 50001 and ISAE-3402 type I certifications. Eurofiber is always looking for more ways to optimize energy efficiency, for example in the use of corridor configurations and raised computer floors.
  • We use advanced biometric identification and camera surveillance systems to guarantee the strict security of our datacenters.
  • The datacenters are accessible 24×7. They facilitate loading and unloading, areas for unpacking and assembling equipment, workplaces and conference rooms complete with WiFi.

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