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Robots that carry out the baggage handling service at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Truck drivers that use intelligent transport systems (ITS) to check loading bay availability. And more efficient partnerships that lead to savings in the logistics chain. In transport & logistics, hard copy is history and robots are the future. Which emerging trend will be key to your organization?

Robots are the face of the future in the logistics sector

As robots are deployed in warehouses, sorting centers and delivery processes, the logistics sector has seen significant changes.

The port of Rotterdam has two automated terminals that are largely autonomous, working with remote operators. Ships are loaded and unloaded by automatic cranes. And at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, baggage is transported to the aircraft on self-driving trolleys, which has improved the baggage handling process in terms of flexibility, efficiency, quality and ergonomics.

Responding quickly and preventing delays through digitalization

In the maritime industry, the electronic bill of lading has already gone a long way toward automating the paper trail. Information is increasingly paperless in the mobility sector as well.

 Drivers use digital bills of lading and an on-board computer, while ITS ensures that all relevant information is available in real time. Are there road works along the planned route? Where are the available loading bays? Digitalization makes it possible to respond quickly and minimize delays. 

Collaboration throughout the chain

In view of all the developments taking place in the mobility industry, collaboration is becoming increasingly important. And that extends beyond working closely with dealers and other connections within your own sector; broader collaboration also adds value. Efficient alliances along the logistics chain are the future. Why would you try to internalize the full scope of knowledge in your own organization when you could be partnering with companies that specialize in retail, customer experience, innovation or branding? The logistics sector could achieve major savings by embracing digital alliances.

Is your infrastructure ready?

The foundation for all these technologies in actual practice? A robust infrastructure that’s future-proof, smart and open.


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