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Software replaces manual management

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Advancing digitization and the growing popularity of cloud computing are increasing the dependency of networks and connectivity. The resulting increased complexity of network infrastructure impairs management performance and makes it harder to implement changes. Software-defined networking technology such as SD-WAN, however, provides for easier and centralized control and management of Wide Area Networks (WANs). It is the perfect tool for organizations wanting to control their digital infrastructure between offices and the cloud efficiently and seamlessly. Relying on its network expertise, Eurofiber now offers SD-WAN as a service.

Revolutionizing WANs: software replaces manual management

Until quite recently, implementing a change, such as adding an extra location with various workplaces or the connection to a new cloud service provider, in a large Wide Area Network was a relatively time and resource-consuming undertaking. The same applied to management of the WAN. SD-WAN creates a virtualized ‘software overlay’ across the WAN and the various network connections, enabling centralized management and change implementation almost ‘at the press of a button’ and without the need for traditional interventions, such as manual reconfiguration of routers or the use of operators. The same also applies to rolling out network-wide security, for instance, or WAN optimization for cloud applications that are used across the organization.


SD-WAN is the perfect tool for multinationals with a large IT department as well as for smaller organizations with multiple branch offices. At the same time, organizations are often not primarily interested in creating, configuring and managing an SD-WAN solution themselves. This may be due to the limited availability of the necessary network and other expertise, for instance, or because it is more cost-effective to outsource this to a reliable party with the required knowledge and experience. Eurofiber now offers SD-WAN services for these organizations.



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