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Safe, secure, flexible: this is how your organization can work effectively in the cloud.

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What is the best cloud strategy for your organization? A strategy that increases the flexibility, agility and continuity of your IT environment – and your organization. Public, private or hybrid cloud: we live in an era of seemingly infinite possibilities and choices. But whatever your growth strategy, we guarantee fast, scalable and reliable connectivity. Haven’t mapped out your strategy yet? Our experts can help you.

Flexibility based on public, private and hybrid cloud solutions

The cloud enables you to increase the flexibility of your ICT environment – simply and without the need for major investments. This allows you to offer your employees secure access to your data and applications from anywhere, even if their workstations are not in the same location as your physical ICT environment. Your IT department will also enjoy increased flexibility as a result of remote access and management of applications and cloud computing capacity. One thing is certain: whether you choose public, private or hybrid cloud solutions, secure connections are indispensable.

Your organization’s network kept separate from the public internet

How do you transfer cloud applications, software and services such as internet, telephony or video without security risks? Provide a secure link between your headquarters, branch locations and datacenters via a virtual private network from Eurofiber. A VPN is a closed, secure data network, kept separate from the public internet.

Working and collaborating securely and effectively with a private cloud

Provide access to your business applications without using the public internet. Using Eurofiber Secure Cloud Connect or Ethernet VPN, you create a private cloud separate from the internet. You provide access to centrally stored business applications in real-time at any location via our fiber-optic connections. This makes your organization more effective and helps you save on costs. You will also achieve major synergy benefits in your collaboration with external parties by providing remote access to systems.

Innovative technological applications

How can your organization keep up with all the technological developments while incorporating them into your business operations? Encourage collaboration within and outside your organization by using innovative applications. Our fast connections offer a reliable basis for video conferencing, VoIP and other solutions. Hospitals are increasingly capable of sharing large files such as CT scans and patient records, and educational institutions are collaborating to create innovative and personalized learning environments.

Future-proof with maximum flexibility and continuity

Simplify your ICT environment and optimize the continuity of your business-critical processes by implementing a future-proof cloud strategy. Our open fiber-optic network and datacenters let you decide who supplies your IT services or arranges colocation on your behalf. Looking to the future, you can also combine your hybrid environment with one or more cloud providers. While you focus on your core activities, our managed services ensure optimum availability of your applications and data. Looking to adapt your cloud strategy? We look forward to helping you find the right solutions. 


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