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Managed Dark Fiber

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Managed Dark Fiber

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We can provide a fiber-optic connection for your organization.


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Eurofiber’s Managed Dark Fiber service is the optimal solution for your business-critical applications. Manage your bandwidth and allow it to grow with your organization’s needs: as high as 100 Gb/s or more. And enjoy the benefits of having your own fiber-optic infrastructure without having to construct or manage it yourself.

What is Dark Fiber?

Managed Dark Fiber is a dark fiber connection that you light yourself with your own equipment. You have complete control over what you do with the connection, and which applications you run over it. You determine your bandwidth using the network equipment, and can adjust it constantly. Maximum flexibility at your fingertips! Managed Dark Fiber could be compared to an extended patch cable between your locations.

How does Dark Fiber work?

Fiber-optic connections are based on a tiny, transparent fiber made of glass that makes it possible to transmit laser light very efficiently across long distances. The laser light is used as a carrier wave for digital data transmission. An unlit fiber-optic connection that has no active equipment connected to it yet is referred to as Dark Fiber. With Dark Fiber, a private connection can be created between multiple locations.

Why use Dark Fiber?

Running your business-critical IT systems at multiple locations makes it possible to safeguard the continuity of your organization. This ensures that your employees and other users will be able to continue working uninterrupted, even in the event of system failure at one of your locations. That requires connections with very high bandwidths that can scale up or down in response to your shifting needs. With Managed Dark Fiber, Eurofiber provides the right solution for these and other demanding applications.

Lighting the fiber

Managed Dark Fiber means you make the arrangements to light the fiber. You will have your own fiber-optic connection up to the entry point at your location. Bigger IT departments usually have people on staff who know how to light a fiber-optic connection. If that expertise is not available in your organization, Eurofiber can advise you on choosing the right lighting equipment or a suitable network integrator.

Dark Fiber: speed

The current maximum speed for fiber-optic internet access is already incredibly high. That speed will increase dramatically in the future – and it will have to, if we want to tap into the full potential of digitalization in the future. Eurofiber has a densely deployed and extensive fiber-optic network.

Benefits of Dark Fiber

Managed Dark Fiber is the best choice when connectivity is business-critical for your primary IT process and needs to be operational at all times. This becomes relevant in terms of availability and bandwidth for a connection that can be used to send a massive amount of data within a short time frame, affecting the speed at which data can be transferred. Flexibility and scalability are also important in every sense of the word. One of the major benefits of Managed Dark Fiber is that you can configure your connectivity completely according to your preferences – and easily expand and scale up the solution as needed.

Which network configurations are possible with Dark Fiber?

Eurofiber specializes in connecting people, organizations and key infrastructure, such as bridges, canal locks, traffic control systems and power plants. Set up your network architecture based on our advice and achieve your organization’s goals with optimal efficiency.


Ring network

A ring network is much like a bead necklace, with the beads representing locations. This enables you to efficiently build a network linking locations that are geographically close to one another. The ring structure automatically ensures redundancy: your data traffic switches direction if its transmission is blocked one way.


Star network

A star network consists of point-to-point connections. Each location or building is separately connected to a single central point. This type of connection is generally used to connect locations that are geographically dispersed. Since this involves covering more connections over longer distances, this type of network is more expensive.


Cascade network

A cascade network is used for connecting a series of objects in sequence. It is more or less U-shaped, i.e. an open ring network. Since the connection is not closed, it will be more efficient in the length of the connection, and therefore also in terms of costs.

Colocation as a service at repeater sites

To support fiber connectivity over long distances, Eurofiber offers Colocation services at Repeater locations, in addition to your Managed Dark Fiber on a specific route. The Repeater locations provide a safe and sustainable environment for hosting your equipment and are connected to the largest open fiber-optic network in the Netherlands.
Eurofiber has long-distance routes, such as the route from Amsterdam to Hamburg. The Repeater locations along the way can amplify and/or regenerate the signal. These Repeater locations are offered as a service and allow Customer Equipment hosting.

What aspects are relevant in choosing Managed Dark Fiber?

More and more organizations are using Managed Dark Fiber, since it is the perfect solution for many applications and offers many benefits. What are the relevant factors when considering Managed Dark Fiber?

Which datacenters are connected to Dark Fiber?

For reasons of security and business continuity, more and more organizations are having their ICT equipment hosted in well-secured datacenters. Eurofiber has now connected over 160 datacenters (134 of those redundant) in the Netherlands to its Managed Dark Fiber network. This number is growing every year. Connectivity, security, redundancy, scalability and continuity are key reasons why our customers have chosen to use a datacenter.


A datacenter usually has multiple networks offered by telecom and internet service providers. This allows customers to choose from various types of network connectivity, optionally including high bandwidth and low latency. Access to content delivery networks for video services and access to cloud providers is also easy to arrange securely here. This makes datacenters the main junctions of the global internet superhighway.

How much does Dark Fiber cost?

The costs of Dark Fiber depend on your needs and requirements. If you have multiple locations in close geographic proximity, you may want to consider installing your own dark fiber ring.

Dark Fiber at your location?

Our fiber-optic network achieves at least 99.9% availability. If you opt for a completely separate second fiber-optic route (redundancy), you can increase your availability to at least 99.99%.

Eurofiber’s Dark Fiber network

Eurofiber’s Managed Dark Fiber offers you the advantages of your own fiber-optic infrastructure, without having to manage it yourself. For example, we will take care of registering your Dark Fiber network with Netherlands Cables and Pipelines Registry (Kabel en Leidingen Kadaster / KLIK), carry out reconstructions ordered by public authorities, and repair and damage caused by digging.

We have installed an optical network monitoring system (ONMS) on our network that constantly monitors infrastructure availability. In case of any cable damage (e.g. due to excavation works), the ONMS can pinpoint exactly where the fault in the line is located. Structural preventive maintenance takes place to continue guaranteeing our high standards of quality.


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