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Eurofiber partner program

Build business relationships with your customers by adopting an integrated approach.

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Connectivity is more than a connection to the internet. Your customers are becoming increasingly dependent on connectivity and rely on your thorough knowledge and advice as an ICT specialist. Since the dependence between the various ICT and communication components is growing, the need for an integrated approach is increasing. That’s why we’ve developed the Eurofiber partner program. 

The Eurofiber partner program

The Eurofiber partner program enables you to build and expand business relationships with your clients and the organization. Relevant aspects include trust, high customer satisfaction and shared innovation. These are the 4 most important cornerstones of our program:

  1. Portfolio

We offer high-quality and reliable connectivity services with a healthy financial margin that meet the demands of the modern market: reliability, scalability, security and very high uptime. We monitor your customer’s connection 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We believe in an open network and give our partners complete freedom to add their own services instead of developing and selling our own.

  1. Sharing knowledge

We believe that sharing knowledge is part of a good business relationship. The Eurofiber partner program not only ensures that your organization has access to knowledge about the Eurofiber portfolio, but also helps your employees develop complementary skills. They instantly benefit from these additional skills in their day-to-day interactions with your customers. An inspiring workshop program keeps your employees up-to-date on the latest developments.   

  1. Ease of doing business

We work every day to optimize our processes. Doing business with us should be easy and pleasant. That is why we offer various e-services and a portal. Track your orders easily with the extended track & trace module. Using APIs, you can seamlessly integrate your own processes into the Eurofiber systems. 

  1. Marketing

Inspiring and generating business together are the key words when it comes to marketing support. We provide lead programs, co-op budgets, events and toolkits to support joint development of the customer relationship and business operations.  

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