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Eurofiber wants to be a transparent and reliable partner. Inspiring confidence concerning the establishment and maintenance of an open infrastructure. Because reliability is so important to us, we take responsibility for various aspects that are important to you as a customer or partner. We prove this through a variety of certificates, statements, and reports.

Code of Conduct

Current Eurofiber certificates, statements, and reports

We take responsibility for various aspects that are important to you as a customer or partner. Below is an overview and why it may be of interest to you.All current certificates, statements, and reports are available for review and download.

ISO9001 Certificate

ISO9001 is a quality standard. This standard focuses on fulfilling customer agreements and ensures that we help customers where agreements have not been met. A specific example is our complaints procedure.

ISAE3402 Type II Statement

ISAE3402 is a risk management standard. Clients outsource certain business processes to us. Outsourcing requires control since our clients have also made promises to their customers. This standard provides our clients with the assurance that applicable risks have been eliminated or adequately mitigated.

ISO27001 Certificate

ISO27001 is a data security standard. It provides our customers with the assurance of data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

ISO14001 Certificate

ISO14001 is an environmental standard. It provides our customers with the assurance that we comply with relevant environmental legislation and that we have a positive contribution to the environment on our agenda.

MEF 2.0 Certificate

MEF 2.0 is a technical standard for companies providing services related to interconnected networks.
Through MEF 2.0, our customers are assured that Eurofiber is applying internationally proven technology, which contributes to the integrity of our infrastructure.

Scienced Based Targets

Scienced Based Targets initiative, abbreviated to SBTi, is an initiative, from among others WNF. This standard supports the calculation of what you need to reduce as a company in order to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees. After that, the aim is to demonstrate annually that you are taking the right steps to achieve these targets.

ESG report

Eurofiber is strongly committed to operating in an ethical, sustainable, and secure manner. For clients who only want to do business with companies that take ESR seriously, we have proven programs that are explained in the report.

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

This document is intended as a guide for reporting vulnerabilities found in the Eurofiber infrastructure and all associated components. The policy document is in English. This is deliberately chosen to give all security researchers an equal chance and to make it the most uniform global language.

Eurofiber Supplier Code of Conduct