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One of the questions we are often asked at Eurofiber is 'What is that elephant doing in your logo?' The answer is simple: we have many things in common with this exceptional creature.

Connectivity champion
To begin with, elephants are true champions in long-distance communication. What we can do with light, elephants do with sound waves and ground tremors. With special senses they perceive ground tremors in their forefeet up to thirty kilometers away. And because their ears are far apart, they can perceive much longer wavelengths than we can and therefore hear much better. Tropical thunderstorms, for example, can be heard from dozens of kilometers away.

Strong together
Just like us at Eurofiber, elephants love working together. An elephant herd is tightly organized and everyone has their own role. Together they are strong.

Strong and reliable
The reliability and strength of our network lies in several aspects: it is for the most part safely underground, it is monitored 24/7 by the NMC, it is largely redundantly laid out and excellently administered. The elephant also owes its strength and reliability to a combination of properties: a thick skin, a strong constitution and, last but not least, its proverbial elephant memory.

Fast and flexible
Despite its enormous weight, the elephant is built in such a way that it is surprisingly fast and agile. An adult elephant reaches a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. It's capable of staying active in extreme heat, thanks in part to its cooling ears. And an elephant is a lifelong learner. His excellent memory ensures he learns from every experience.

The elephant literally grows all his life. That's why the biggest elephant in a herd is almost always one of the oldest. At Eurofiber we have been growing continuously for more than 20 years. Our network expands by 40 kilometers every week. And every week we connect new customers to our network or offer new services to existing customers.

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Elephant of Eurofiber