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It is not permitted to distribute, reproduce, store in a computerized data file or publish in any way whatsoever information, visual material, images and photographic material and/or reports made available via any Eurofiber website without the express prior written consent of Eurofiber N.V.

Hereunder you’ll find the General Terms and Conditions of Eurofiber N.V. and the Eurofiber Websites General Terms and Conditions. The Eurofiber Websites General Terms and Conditions consists in two parts: (i) the Websites Terms Of Use and (ii) Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy .

General Terms and Conditions

Eurofiber NV General Terms & Conditions version BE January 2023

Website Terms of Use

These are the Websites Terms of Use (hereinafter: “Terms of Use”) of Eurofiber N.V. and other companies operating within the Eurofiber group (hereinafter jointly: “We” and/or “Us”). These Terms of Use apply to every use of any of our websites (hereinafter: “Website”). By using a Website, the user (hereinafter: “User”) is deemed to consent to the Terms of Use and to irrevocably accept these Terms of Use.

Exercise of due care

The User will act at all times as a responsible and careful internet user. The User will, among other things, refrain from any conduct or behaviour that causes or may cause nuisance or inconvenience to Us, the User or any third party or that may cause damage to a Website and ICT systems and items and goods belonging to Us, the User or any third party. The User will in particular not infringe any statutory rules and provisions (such as laid down inter alia in legislation and regulations, general terms and conditions and contracts or determined by court order) when using a Website.

Provision of information

Eurofiber is registered in different forms as a registered trademark. All the information on a Website, also including texts and visual material, has been compiled with great care and attention. It is possible that information may become outdated over the course of time, however. The possibility of errors in producing a Website also cannot be excluded. No rights may therefore be derived from the information on a Website. A Website may additionally contain hyperlinks to websites or pages of third parties. The inclusion of these links on a Website in no way implies any approval of the contents or pages of third parties to which links are provided.

Eurofiber’s liability

We are not liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage, of whatever nature, sustained by a User or any third party and arising from or in any way related to the use of a Website, caused for example through the provision of information by Us and the technology used, including the inability to access a Website. A Website cannot be guaranteed to be free of errors and to function without interruption. In relation to this liability regime, use of a Website is also understood to mean: any and all authorised or unauthorised, rightful or wrongful, or legal or unlawful use by the User or any third party. We accept no liability whatsoever for any and all direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from the use or non-use of a Website.

User’s liability

If the User fails to act in accordance with these Terms of Use, We reserve the right to bar the User from a Website. Other measures are also possible, including action to recover loss from the User.


We additionally reserve the right to modify the Websites Terms of Use from time to time. The most recent version of the Websites Terms of Use can be viewed at any time via a Website.

Applicable law and competent court

The Websites Terms Of Use, the MyEurofiber Terms of Use and the Websites Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy as well as any and all use of a Website shall be governed by and construed exclusively in accordance with Belgian law. The competent court in Brussels has exclusive jurisdiction in this regard to hear any dispute relating to or arising from the use of a Website and the Websites Terms Of Use and the Websites Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

In the interest of protecting Users and preventing fraud, Eurofiber may process the contact details and personal data of Users, as set forth in Our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.