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We can provide a fiber-optic connection for your organization.


Business Fiber: fast, reliable and flexible

Fiber: the network of today and the future.

Large or small, every organization needs internet access. Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network guarantees optimum availability and support.

What is Business Fiber?

Eurofiber’s business fiber internet provides your employees with fast and reliable internet access via our fiber-optic infrastructure. Your employees can efficiently browse, e-mail and use cloud applications – like CRM, office suites or financial software – without long load times, buffering or slow downloads.

How does Business Fiber work?

Our high-speed business fiber internet allows you to send files quickly and use online applications on multiple devices at the same time. Applications such as camera surveillance and cloud computing function significantly faster and better over a fiber-optic network.

Why Business Fiber?

More and more, we are working online and in the cloud. Speed, security and capacity are key to doing business. With Eurofiber’s Business Fiber, your organization is assured of optimal availability across the most reliable fiber-optic connections. You can also count on expert support 24/7.

Benefits of Business Fiber

Business Fiber comes in 7 different variants: from simple access all the way up to an advanced, redundant transit solution. Eurofiber’s range of solutions responds to current market demand for scalability, redundancy in the infrastructure, and freedom of choice in the use of IP addresses. DDoS mitigation is also provided if necessary.

Fast internet

We provide internet access through Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network. The bandwidth of your internet service is equal to the bandwidth of the underlying Ethernet connection. That’s always symmetrical: the upload speed is equal to the download speed, up to 10 Gb/s.

Guaranteed internet speed

Fiber-optic is reliable and has an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and above. You will rarely be affected by outages and interruptions. There is no impact on internet speed and quality due to other users.

Compare business internet solutions?

As a business owner, you’re always looking for the best value for money. When it comes to business internet, there are additional options that warrant comparison. Some relevant questions:

  • How many locations and workstations do you currently have?
  • What software and hardware do your organization’s employees use?
  • Is redundancy taken into account?
  • How large is your current data volume and what do future forecasts look like?
  • How is the provider’s network infrastructure configured? Does it offer full redundancy?
  • Does the provider assist you in choosing your optimum bandwidth?
  • What guarantees can the provider give regarding the availability of the connection?
  • Does the provider hold crucial certificates related to cybersecurity (such as ISO 27001)?

Multi-sites Internet

Organizations that want to future-proof their ICT architecture can build their own SD-WAN or VPN solution using our Business Fiber. Eurofiber’s Business Fiber can be used to connect different locations; we call this Multi-site Internet. These locations are connected through the Eurofiber IP network, using a transparent method. This allows for the configuration of a proprietary SD-WAN or VPN solution.

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Business Fiber with Anti-DDoS?

News stories about unreachable websites and internet downtime due to DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) have been increasingly frequent. Inaccessibility has a major impact on businesses and users. Eurofiber Anti-DDoS offers reactive or proactive protection for traffic on your network and infrastructure, keeping you safe from DDoS attacks.

Which organizations might need Business Fiber?

Guarantee fast, reliable access to your data, applications and the public internet. SMEs or corporations in any sector can rely on our fiber-optic network and our 100% focus on the business market.

What does Business Fiber cost?

The costs for Business Fiber depend on your needs and requirements. You can choose from 7 different variants: from simple access all the way up to an advanced, redundant transit solution.

Business Fiber from Eurofiber

Eurofiber's business fiber internet is called 'Dedicated Internet'. The Eurofiber 'Dedicated Internet' portfolio is based on two service families called 'Dedicated Internet Access' (DIA) and 'Dedicated Internet Transit' (DIT). The service families are available in various variants, ranging from a standard Internet connection to a complex, redundant Internet connection for business-critical processes.

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Eurofiber's open network of 61,700 km is located in the Netherlands, Belgium, France & Germany and is expanding all the time. With more than 250+ connected datacenters and valuable partners, our internet traffic is growing every year.

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