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Postal Code CheckLooking for Business Fiber?

We can provide a fiber-optic connection for your organization.


Business Fiber: fast, reliable and flexible

Fiber: the network of today and the future.

Our Business Fiber Check immediately shows if we can provide business fiber at your location. Eurofiber’s open network stretches over 70,500 km and offers extensive coverage in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany – so there’s a good chance that your organization can be connected to our fiber-optic network. The Business Fiber Check does not involve any obligations on your part. Once you do the Fiber Check, you have the option to provide your company information, so we can connect your location at favorable rates.

Fiber Check in your municipality

Many municipalities in Belgium have already reached an advanced stage in terms of construction and implementation of a fiber-optic network. Our Business Fiber Check immediately shows you the available options in your municipality.

Business Fiber: fast, reliable, flexible

Eurofiber’s Business Fiber gives you access to fast, flexible and reliable fiber-optic connections. We offer an open network, because we believe that you should be free to decide who you exchange information and work with. Our Fiber Check lets you know if your location is close to our network and if additional conditions may apply.

High security and availability guaranteed

Rely on optimal security and availability. Our fiber-optic network is installed entirely underground in robust ducts. This means that your connections have additional protection from interference and excavation damage. All critical components in the high-quality network are fully redundant. For active equipment, we use datacenters that offer the highest level of availability.

Physically separate connections

No need to make concessions in business-critical connectivity. Our quality network is redundant: fiber connections run along different, physically separate routes. The digital registration of our fiber-optic network provides insight into how connections are routed. This method ensures that you can rely on real redundancy. And we never do maintenance or repair work on these separate connections at the same time.

Certified network technicians

Rest assured that we handle your connections with care. Network maintenance is carried out according to predefined, well-planned processes, which we monitor constantly and assess and adapt on an annual basis. In addition, all technicians that carry out any work on the network are also certified. This applies to our own employees as well as any subcontractors we use.

Why do customers opt for Eurofiber’s Business Fiber?

  • Fiber-optic network with nationwide coverage
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Employees provide maximum expertise
  • Fastest repair times in the market

About Eurofiber

Benefit from a high-quality digital infrastructure with Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network. Our network connects over 12,000 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Customers have complete freedom to choose the services, applications and providers they need, allowing them to tap into the full potential of digital innovation. With its network and services, Eurofiber is laying the foundation under the digital society, which is why the Dutch government has assigned Eurofiber the status of ‘vital infrastructure’.


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