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Technological innovation more widely applicable and available

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Agri & Food

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By 2050, the world will need to feed nearly 9 billion people. How can we continue meeting demand for safe, healthy food? Technological innovations in the food chain are becoming widely applicable and available: applied robotics, data-driven technology and new processing techniques based on 3D printing and more. Technology makes a positive contribution to healthier products. Have you already taken the step?

Growing responsibility in the food sector

How can the food sector develop in a changing world? And how can your organization find a place in that context? The Dutch food sector has a huge responsibility here. Shifting demographics also have an impact. The rising percentage of over-65s and university graduates in the population of the Netherlands and Western Europe is accompanied by a growing demand for healthier foods – and an increasing focus on nutritional content, labeling and convenience.

Sustainability-driven innovation

The changing demographics are also creating tensions in the food chain. More production has to be achieved with less. The available arable land is under pressure from encroaching urbanization. Efficient use of raw materials to avoid unnecessary impact on the soil and nature has therefore become a priority. In short, the current agricultural system needs to change, and technological innovation is inevitable.

Global demand for Dutch products

The food sector is one of the driving forces behind our economy, but that’s not all: the Netherlands is also among the world’s top exporters of agri-food products. The Netherlands also ranks in the top 5 in terms of knowledge innovation, and continues to search for new markets in terms of products and knowledge sharing.

Is your infrastructure ready?

The foundation for all these technologies in actual practice is a robust infrastructure that’s future-proof, smart and open.


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