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Fiber-optic network

Business Fiber: fast, reliable and flexible

Obviously, your organization wants to keep evolving along with the latest developments in ICT.

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We can provide a fiber-optic connection for your organization.


Business Fiber: fast, reliable and flexible

Fiber: the network of today and the future.

More and more, we’re working online and in the cloud. Organizations that want to grow and evolve in sync with ICT trends are seeing a growing need for more bandwidth, reliability and flexibility. Switching to Eurofiber’s Business Fiber is the solution.

What is Business Fiber?

Business Fiber facilitates continuous exchange of data and connects people, organizations and commercial properties. The high speed and bandwidth that fiber offers makes it the network of today and the future. Only fiber-optic networks can handle the surging demand for data in the Netherlands and beyond.

How does Business Fiber work?

Fiber-optic connections are based on a tiny, transparent fiber made of glass that makes it possible to transmit laser light efficiently across long distances. The laser light is used as a carrier wave for digital data transmission. Its bandwidth is determined by the optical transmission and receiving equipment. A single fiber offers a very high maximum transport capacity (thousands of gigabits per second). Unlike networks based on copper wires or coax cables, fiber-optic networks are already future-proof, fully equipped to handle any demand for additional bandwidth.

Why opt for Business Fiber?

More and more, we’re working online and in the cloud. Speed, security and capacity are key to working anytime, anywhere. With Eurofiber’s Business Fiber, your organization is assured of a super-fast and stable fiber-optic connection.

Benefits of Business Fiber

Fiber is fast, reliable and flexible. Its open nature allows multiple providers to offer their services over a single network, supporting the Digital Society. Our network stretches over 38,000 kilometers, provides extensive coverage in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France, and extends well into Germany.

Fast internet

Business Fiber offers internet access at speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s. The network used for Business Fiber is extremely stable, and even bandwidth-hungry applications such as 4K video streaming can run without any problems.

Consistently high quality

Fiber-optic is reliable and has an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and above. You will rarely be affected by outages and interruptions. There is no impact on speed and quality due to data traffic from other users. Conference calls and other high-bandwidth activities are very stable.


The services available to you are modular and scalable. Various services can be delivered on the same fiber connection. And you can specify the capacity or speed separately for each service. This includes Business Internet, Ethernet VPN or Secure Cloud Connectivity.

Business Fiber in a Digital Society

Business Fiber facilitates continuous data exchange and connects people, organizations and commercial properties. Citizens, public authorities and companies can join forces, working together to contribute to a smarter and more efficient use of resources. Business Fiber supports the Digital Society.

Redundancy and Business Fiber

The unexpected failure of a network connection can have far-reaching consequences for your organization. An interruption to internet access, for example, could result in temporary inaccessibility of applications and company data. To mitigate that risk, it is advisable to use a redundant fiber-optic connection.

Services over Business Fiber

Business Fiber lays the foundation for a secure digital infrastructure that makes information and applications optimally accessible. We always offer your organization a suitable service along with Business Fiber.

What does Business Fiber cost?

The costs of a Business Fiber connection depend on where your organization is located relative to the closest network. This applies to both the one-time initial connection costs and to the monthly costs.

Business Fiber at your location?

Business Fiber provided by Eurofiber gives you access to a fast, flexible and reliable fiber-optic connection. We offer an open network, because we believe that you should be free to decide who you exchange information and work with.

Check Business Fiber availability at your location now

Our Business Fiber Check lets you know if your location is close to our network and if additional conditions may apply.

Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network for businesses

Why do customers opt for Business Fiber from Eurofiber?

  • Fiber-optic network with nationwide coverage
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Employees provide maximum expertise
  • Fastest repair times in the market

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We would be happy to help you.