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We can provide a fiber-optic connection for your organization.


Business Fiber: fast, reliable and flexible

Fiber: the network of today and the future.

Our open network stretches over 70,500 kilometers, provides extensive fiber-optic coverage in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and extends well into Germany. We now provide high-quality fiber-optic connections to over 12,000 locations, and we are continuing to expand. Are you already experiencing the benefits of reliable digital infrastructure with Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network?

Freedom to choose your own services and providers

Our open network offers you complete freedom, as a customer or as a partner, to choose which services and service providers you use. The datacenters of our sister company Dataplace are carrier-neutral: not dependent on specific networks and suppliers. To access the datacenters, you use our high-quality fiber-optic network or arrange connectivity through other providers. You have complete control over the optimal configuration of your own ICT environment.

Dark Fiber offers fully underground fiber-optic network

How do you ensure optimal security for your network? And how do you prevent malfunctions from jeopardizing the continuity of your organization? Our high-quality network only surfaces at customer locations or active PoP locations. With Managed Dark Fiber, you have a fully underground private connection between multiple locations. The fiber-optic cables are spliced underground, which has a number of advantages:

  • Lower attenuation than overhead patching.
  • Routes are often shorter and more efficient.
  • Lower susceptibility to interference than overhead patching.
  • Optimal security.

High security and availability guaranteed

You need to be able to rely on optimal security and availability for your digital infrastructure. That’s why our fiber-optic cables are installed underground in robust ducts, offering extra protection to keep your connections safe from interference and excavation damage. All critical components in the high-quality network are fully redundant. For active equipment, we use datacenters that offer the highest level of availability.

Fully redundant fiber-optic route

Your vital infrastructures need to be available 24/7, so our quality network is redundant. Fiber-optic connections run over different, physically separate routes so you’ll remain accessible even if a network connection unexpectedly fails. For that reason, our certified network engineers never do maintenance or repair work on these separate connections at the same time. We work according to predefined, well-planned processes, which we monitor constantly and assess and adapt on an annual basis.


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