Stelvio For Life 2023

Eurofiber bicycle team raises 11,195 euros for individual cancer research

September 2 the eleventh edition of Stelvio For Life took place in Bormio, Italy.  During this challenge, over 600 cyclists, runners and walkers tackled the Stelvio, the world’s second-highest asphalted mountain pass. This heroic 21-kilometre climb has a whopping 37 hairpin turns, rising to an astonishing height of nearly 2800 metres. 

The Eurofiber cycling team took part again this year, pedalling hard to collect a fantastic 11,195 euros with their efforts. This year’s event raised over 1 million euros for this charitable cause: individual cancer research. In contrast to last year’s cold and rainy weather, this eleventh edition had nothing but sunshine. The view during the climb was breath-taking, enjoyed by participants and volunteers alike. The Stelvio For Life organization had arranged every detail to perfection; once the mayor of Bormio had announced the total amount, it was party time on the village square at Piazza Cavour. It was unforgettable. Special thanks to everyone for the support and donations! We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Over Stelvio For Life
This foundation believes in a treatment for cancer patients based on the DNA profile of their tumour. To make this all happen, and to be able to give patients a longer and better life,  Stelvio For Life raise money for individualised cancer research. 
That, together with the passion for sports, results in the annually returning charity sports event: Stelvio for Life.

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