Eurofiber joins development of secure quantum encrypted fiber network in port of Rotterdam

Eurofiber, provider of industry-leading digital infrastructure, and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have launched an innovation partnership based on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to develop a secure quantum encrypted fiber network. They will be working closely with Portbase, Q*Bird, Cisco and Innovation Quarter.

Eurofiber recently gave a joint presentation with partners QuTech and Juniper Networks, demonstrating quantum encrypted connections between their own datacenters using an innovative QKD variant. Building on the lessons learned in that demo, Eurofiber will be providing quantum encrypted fiber connections to the port of Rotterdam. These connections will be used to test secure messaging with Portbase. The Port of Rotterdam Authority holds a participating interest in Portbase, a joint venture with the Port of Amsterdam Authority. Portbase was established to provide a shared Port Community System – making it the digital landing point for the port of Rotterdam. 

Secure quantum encryption
Incidents involving cybercrime are still on the rise, while extremely powerful quantum computers – expected within a few years – pose a new threat to data secured by current encryption security methods. 
Measurement Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution* (MDI-QKD) offers a new form of encryption security. 
MDI-QKD uses a data encryption key based on quantum technology that is resistant to attempted interception. QKD helps protect valuable data from possible future attacks using quantum computers, playing a vital role in securing critical infrastructure, for example in the Port of Rotterdam area. Eurofiber had previously partnered with Q*bird, a supplier of quantum secure network equipment, to take MDI-QKD technology to the next level. 
This technology allows Eurofiber to offer scalable and cost-effective quantum encrypted fiber connections, enabling the many businesses in Rotterdam’s port to be connected via breach-proof connections.

“We are partnering with the Port of Rotterdam Authority on network innovation. This partnership shows that vital infrastructure in the Netherlands is preparing for the future,” says Martin Vos, Business Innovation Director at Eurofiber. “Eurofiber has experience with such endeavors and provides the industry-leading connections needed for QKD encryption.  Since quantum technology is a tried-and-tested solution, we are now focusing on adoption, usage, implementation and cost, so we can bring it to market within the near future. The partnership aims to maximize data exchange security between the many parties in Europe’s largest port,” Vos adds.

Critical infrastructure in the Rotterdam port area
“Secure data exchange is top priority for the Port of Rotterdam Authority, and vitally important to the companies that use the port in Rotterdam. By equipping the fiberoptic connections in the port area with quantum encryption, we demonstrate that this technology is applicable, and we improve the security of our critical infrastructure as well as the tens of thousands of ocean-going vessels that visit the port every year,” says Oscar van Veen, director of Innovations at the Port of Rotterdam Authority. “We are delighted with the expertise that Eurofiber adds to our consortium"

The Port Community System (PCS) provided by Portbase is the digital connection to the smart ports in the Netherlands. Offering near-national coverage, the PCS is available to all port sectors: containers, general cargo, dry bulk and liquid bulk. The PCS facilitates easy and efficient information exchange in the logistics chain comprising companies, organizations and government bodies.

Dennis Dortland, Strategic Innovation Portbase: “We see a role for Portbase, along with key partners in our community, to explore how this technology can help keep the heart of our digital port safe in the approaching quantum age. By playing a connecting role with key partners in our community, we want to create a good breeding ground to make this technology available to the logistics industry in the future.”

Video Quantum Encrypted Fiber Network in Port of Rotterdam 

*click here for explanation video Measurement Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution technology