Eurofiber and Nokia announce partnership in Mobile Private Networks

Barcelona, February 26, 2024. At the 2024 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, Eurofiber and Nokia announced a partnership for supplying Mobile Private Network (MPN) services. This step marks the expansion of Eurofiber’s open digital infrastructure – over its own proprietary fiberoptic network – to include private mobile services.

Mobile Private Network works through a private connection by using the existing fiber network, eliminating the need for complex IT integration at the client site. Instead, this is handled in the Eurofiber network and effectively supported by Nokia Modular Private Wireless (MPW) and radio access solutions. The new service enables businesses and institutions to enhance their efficiency even further. 

Mobile Private Network 
MPN – also referred to as ‘Private 5G’ – provides an ultra secure network with its own shielded / dedicated frequency. This zero-interference wireless service is ideal for supporting day-to-day business operations. MPN is an increasingly important trend in mission- and/or business - critical environments like wireless networks for large industrial complexes and campuses. Eurofiber’s new service is best suited to organizations where security and seamless reliable wireless data availability are top priorities. This new private mobile service will make it even easier for customers to gain access to new application-based use cases.

Similar to Eurofiber’s current fixed network services, demanding constant availability, the new mobile network service also meets the very highest standards of security. Eurofiber’s open digital infrastructure runs on collaboration with strategic partners, and MPN is no exception: partnering with operators, resellers and/or co-working directly with end customers will remain key.

“The importance of robust Private Networks in supporting operational and business infrastructure cannot be understated. Our collaboration with Eurofiber will enhance private network offering in the region, build upon existing infrastructure and enabling future digitalisation. We are extremely excited to embark on this journey with Eurofiber and look forward to helping them as they continue to simplify the complexity in current private 5G network systems.”

Stephan Litjens, VP of Nokia Enterprise Campus Edge Solutions

“Eurofiber embraces a vision of achieving success through close collaboration. Accordingly, I am delighted to have Nokia partnering with us for MPN as well. This enables us to offer a significant extension of our fiber and cloud connectivity for business customers handling operations-critical traffic. MPN offers an additional option for even more flexibility and security in transporting data within the company, along with seamless connectivity to the outside world or into the cloud. I look forward to a fruitful collaboration!”

Paul Naastepad, Managing Director at Eurofiber Netherlands

Available soon
This new private mobile service aligns seamlessly with the solutions that Eurofiber currently offers over its fixed fiberoptic network. As a result, implementation and market introduction can be started relatively quick. Eurofiber’s new Mobile Private Network service is expected to be available in the Netherlands mid-2024.

Nokia and Eurofiber have already been working together in various ways, including on the recent upgrade and expansion of the fiber network that Eurofiber operates in France and Belgium.