Eurofiber and Q*Bird announce partnership at MWC24

Integrating Quantum Key Distribution technology into Eurofiber’s digital infrastructure offers the highest standard of network security

Barcelona, February 27, 2024. At the 2024 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, Eurofiber announces a partnership with Q*Bird to integrate Quantum Key Distribution into its fiberoptic network infrastructure. As a provider of industry-leading open digital infrastructure, Eurofiber is pleased to offer its customers unparalleled data protection. QKD technology offers the highest standard of security by leveraging principles of quantum mechanics, making it an ideal solution for high-priority sectors such as logistics, finance, government, healthcare and national critical infrastructure.

Q*Bird’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology is based on the fundamental laws of nature, providing provable security against any attack, including those from future quantum computers. By seamlessly integrating QKD into Eurofiber’s network, this partnership aims to enhance the security of its own network while empowering its customers to safeguard their data against emerging cyber threats. Recognizing the critical importance of data security in today’s digital landscape, Eurofiber is committed to providing customers with the highest available standard of data protection.

Singing this agreement with Eurofiber is a significant milestone in our journey towards collaboration. Our partnership is set to propel our QKD product further into the market. Q*Bird and Eurofiber bring together a unique value proposition of our integrated technologies, providing a scalable and affordable solution to protect data communications. We are thrilled to work together with Eurofiber and look forward to leveraging our strengths to deliver the best to our customers.

Ingrid Romijn, CEO Q*bird

Partnering with Q*bird reflects our commitment to providing best-in-class data security solutions and maintaining our position as a trusted partner for businesses and organizations seeking reliable connectivity and uncompromising security.

Paul Naastepad, Managing Director Eurofiber Nederland

About Q*bird
Q*Bird is a system provider for secure quantum communications. Their novel technology can protect our data communications and digital infrastructure, based on the fundamental laws of nature and provably secure against any attack, even with a future quantum computer. Q*Bird started in 2022 when it spun out of Delft University of Technology. During 2022, Q*Bird been field-testing its prototype systems in various datacenters in the Netherlands, making it available for integration tests with future users and customers. More recently, Q*Bird has started supplying their Quantum Key Distribution system to the Port of Rotterdam for internal data security, as well as to various EU27 member states as part of the EuroQCI.