Eurofiber published its CSR report on 2021

Improvements have been made in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and social obligations

Today Eurofiber published its 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report.  With its leading role in society in the field of digital infrastructure, Eurofiber believes it has a broader responsibility, which entails not only sustainable growth for the organization, but also for its employees and society as a whole. This report, audited by FIRA Sustainability, details Eurofiber’s ambitions, objectives and progress on sustainable acting, the welfare of employees - and society, such as climate change, circular economy and social return.  

‘The conclusions in the CSR Report show that the projects we initiated and started as a company really contribute to our CSR goals and our impact on society’, says Jeroen Kanselaar, CSR Manager at Eurofiber. ‘This is clearly visible in the improvements we have made in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and social obligations.’ 

Some highlights of the 2021 CSR report:  

  • In 2021, Eurofiber and RefugeeForce continued their collaboration which resulted in employment of a refugee from Syria throughout the year. 
  • Eurofiber has incorporated a clause to apply the g account in the agreements with its contractors. 
  • By requiring VCA**/ SCC**/ ISO45001 from our main contractors, Eurofiber has ensured, and independently verified, that their contractors execute their work safely. 
  • In 2021 Eurofiber mainly used cables from a party that proactively reduces its production waste to an absolute minimum. 

‘By having the report verified by an external expert, FIRA Sustainability, we also received an independent review on our progress’, Kanselaar continues. ‘For 2022 and the years to come, we will start new impactful projects that contribute to our vision as a climate proof company, that is fair in the way they do business.’ 

Download our 2021 CSR report here

To learn more about our strong commitment to operating in an ethical, sustainable and secure way and our priorities on CSR, please visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page