Maarssen, The Netherlands,

Eurofiber published its CSR report on 2020

Results indicate Eurofiber's making good progress on CSR policies and measures

Today Eurofiber published its 2020 report on corporate social responsibility (CSR). For this report Eurofiber successfully enlarged the scope by adding the activities in Belgium, in addition to Eurofiber Netherlands and Dataplace. The report is audited by FIRA Sustainability.

‘The CSR report supports our promise to be intrinsically linked to society as well as our role of a vital infrastructure player’, Eurofiber Group Procurement director Norian Wasch explains. ‘The results indicate that we are making good progress on our CSR policies and measures. We improved our scores in both Health & Safety at Work and Employability & Human Development, as well as in Privacy & Client Data Protection.’

The purpose of the CSR report is to provide customers and stakeholders more insight on several areas such as human rights, labor, environment, fair operations and consumer issues. As such, Eurofiber successfully started publishing its own CSR report in 2018 in collaboration with FIRA Sustainability. ‘We want to be fully transparent about our CSR policies’, Eurofiber Group QSHE manager Natalie Faas adds. ‘External assessment by a CSR Register such as FIRA, is therefore essential. It is great to see that they also confirm that we are on the right track with our CSR program.’


Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page for more information.

Download our 2020 CSR report here.