Eurofiber Cloud Infra and PinkRoccade Local Government launch long-term partnership

to manage iBurgerzaken private cloud





Eurofiber Cloud Infra (Eurofiber) has been commissioned by van PinkRoccade Local Government (PinkRoccade) to realize a new Private Cloud environments for the iBurgerzaken application landscape, used by municipalities to provide citizen services. The project includes delivering Managed Kubernetes, Technical Application Management, Managed Security and SOC services.

To fulfill the project brief, Eurofiber will be using its own Tier 3* datacenters and VMware Verified Private Cloud platform. This gives PinkRoccade access to the very best inmodern and future-proof infrastructure, with  security and compliance as cornerstones. Building on this solid foundation, PinkRoccade will be able to continue optimizing and expanding its range of services for Dutch municipalities over the next few years. Besides the iBurgerzaken citizen self-service apps, the Eurofiber Private Cloud solution will also be used by other applications, including  iSamenleving (care and social services) and iParticipatie (social assistance applications). On this large-scale project, Eurofiber is partnering with VMware specialist ITQ for the Managed Carbon Black XDR service and security specialist Nomios for the Managed NDR and 24x7 SOC services.

“To fulfill PinkRoccade’s ambitions, we have to be able to rely on a future-proof, secure infrastructure. For an optimal user experience in our applications deployed by municipalities, it is absolutely crucial for the underlying Private Cloud platform and the network infrastructure to be reliable, robust, secure and available,” says Tjerk Venrooy, Director of Public Affairs at PinkRoccade. “I am pleased that we are engaging in a strategic partnership with Eurofiber for this undertaking. I am fully confident that they will provide excellent delivery of this important service for PinkRoccade, and look forward to working together,”  Venrooy adds.

Andrea Kraus, CRO Eurofiber: “Trust makes the difference in cloud infrastructure. Eurofiber is developing very rapidly; we need to ensure that our portfolio stays in tune with rapidly changing needs, and to deliver an ultimate customer experience. Last year we combined various business units into Eurofiber Cloud Infra. This allows us to create complete digital infrastructures that are seamlessly aligned with our customers. “This partnership with PinkRoccade and the confidence they have in our infrastructure is a perfect result of this capability. At the same time, we will continue to offer separate services as well, so customers can also come to us if they only need server space or datacenter connectivity.”

Ivo Veerman, Sales Director at Eurofiber Cloud Infra: “We are proud that  PinkRoccade chose to work with Eurofiber. The iBurgerzaken Cloud environment is very extensive and a vital asset in the public sector. By delivering this Private Cloud solution, in conjunction with Managed Kubernetes, Technical Application Management and the Managed Security service, Eurofiber is reaffirming its reputation as a leading provider of crucial connectivity and cloud solutions.” 

Thanks to its smart and open infrastructure, Eurofiber is able to offer a direct and indirect model to the market. Customers can benefit from expertise in designing, implementing and managing open hybrid cloud infrastructures. Besides its status as an Azure Advanced Networking Partner, Eurofiber is also a Managed Partner for Microsoft, and belongs to a select group of Partners that works closely with Microsoft.

Eurofiber Cloud Infra
Eurofiber Cloud Infra was established in 2021 as part of the Eurofiber Group in response to market needs for integrated IT infrastructure services. It offers a fully owned open cloud and network infrastructure, including its own energy-efficient Tier 3 data centers, a VMware Verified Private Cloud platform, a software-defined network between more than 90 datacenters in the Netherlands and Belgium offering direct links to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and others.  

This cloud infrastructure works seamlessly with Eurofiber’s own nationwide fiberoptic network in the Netherlands, which has been designated as vital infrastructure by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. 

Since the entire infrastructure chain is under its control, Eurofiber is able to seamlessly align diverse elements.  Customers benefit from the resulting unique solutions and custom designs, maximum flexibility and high-quality IT infrastructure performance. Among others, Eurofiber provides advanced IT infrastructure solutions to local, regional and national government authorities, various parties in healthcare and education, financial institutions, mid-sized and large enterprises and IT service providers.  

* A Tier-3 datacenter is a facility that offers multiple distribution paths for power and cooling. Unlike Tier-1 and Tier-2 datacenters, a Tier-3 datacenter does not have to be completely shut down to perform maintenance or replace equipment.

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