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Fiber-optic network

A high-quality fiber-optic network covering 70.500 km.

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Business Fiber

Business Fiber: fast, reliable and flexible

Obviously, your organization wants to keep evolving along with the latest developments in ICT. This will increase your need for more bandwidth, reliability and flexibility. 

Fiber Check

Do the Fiber Check for your organization

Eurofiber’s network stretches over 70.500 km and offers extensive coverage in the Benelux, Germany and France. There’s a good chance that your organization can also be connected to our fiber-optic network.

Our fiber-optic network

A high-quality fiber-optic network covering 70.500 km.

Our open network stretches over 70.500 kilometers, provides extensive fiber-optic coverage in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and extends well into Germany.

Open network

Freedom to choose your own services and providers

Enjoy the benefits of a flexible infrastructure that allows you to respond to all developments, now and in the future. Our open network offers you the foundation to build on.

Fiber Amsterdam

Fiber in Amsterdam

Fiber in Amsterdam lays the foundation for the continuing digitalization of the city. 

Fiber Rotterdam

Fiber in Rotterdam

Fiber in Rotterdam lays the foundation for the rapidly digitalizing city.