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Fiber in Amsterdam

Fiber in Amsterdam lays the foundation for the continuing digitalization of the city. 

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Fiber in Amsterdam lays the foundation for the continuing digitalization of the city. This is one of the ways that the municipality of Amsterdam and its companies and institutions are preparing for a future as a smart city. This page discusses the benefits of fiber-optic internet in Amsterdam and lists how your organization can leverage the possibilities.

Advantages of fiber in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most densely populated municipality in the Netherlands. Nearly 900,000 people live there and more than 8,000 companies are based in the greater Amsterdam area. Connecting residents, businesses and institutions requires a sustainable, fast and flexible IT infrastructure. The fiber-optic infrastructure in Amsterdam has three advantages that meet these requirements.

Flexibility and sustainability in an open network

Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network is open. This means that different service providers can offer their products and/or services on our infrastructure. As a result, the network can be deployed flexibly and is not dependent on a single, solitary service provider. Since users can add or remove network applications and services themselves, the fiber-optic infrastructure can be adapted to a rapidly changing market, significantly extending its total lifetime.

Ultra-fast connection due to high bandwidth

High bandwidth ensures an ultra-fast connection, which is why organizations are steadily raising their bandwidth requirements. 10 Gb/s is considered the standard, and demand for 100 Gb/s services continues to grow. A solid fiber-optic infrastructure lays the foundation for unlimited bandwidth and ensures reliable, constant and unlimited data exchange and availability. Eurofiber is responding proactively to this trend and aims to continue its leading role by providing organizations with a ultra-fast connection that is ready for the future.

Stable, reliable connection

Fiber-optic infrastructure facilitates a reliable and redundant network, and Amsterdam is no exception. The extensive bandwidth offered by fiber-optics makes it increasingly easy to run IT systems at multiple locations. If one connection is disrupted, it is possible to switch seamlessly to another. Work can continue at all times, without any interruption.

Fiber-optics lay the foundation for Smart City Amsterdam

Connectivity is vitally important to the municipality of Amsterdam. Offices depend on a reliable network, but so do devices and services. Devices such as information panels, sensors, cameras and access gates are also connected to a network. As a result of the open connection, fiber in Amsterdam lays the foundation for a smart city. The municipality will become smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient in terms of information exchange and technology.

In addition, Amsterdam and the other four G5 cities across the Netherlands are investing in developing the optimal smart city. Each city has its own focus in the development process. The Hague is focusing on safety & security, Eindhoven on smart mobility, Utrecht on healthy urban living, Rotterdam on sustainability, and Amsterdam on circularity. These different focal areas complement each other, allowing the municipalities to learn from each other and eventually transform into smart cities that achieve excellent performance in all areas.

Fiber-optic connections at business parks in Amsterdam

Many business parks in Amsterdam are connected to a fiber-optic network. This gives them access to a reliable, flexible and open connection. Would you like to know if your business park also has fiber-optic access? Check your location now.

Eurofiber’s densely deployed fiber-optic network in Amsterdam

96% of the locations in the municipality of Amsterdam are within Eurofiber’s network coverage and benefit from the advantages of our fiber-optic network. Hospitals, schools, metro services, power stations and the water network, as well as 50 bridges and locks across the city, are connected to our network. 200 bus shelters and dozens of security cameras in the public space are also part of the digital infrastructure.

Eurofiber has already achieved great results in educationhospitalsmunicipal locations and datacenters:


Fiber in Amsterdam offers optimal ICT support for education. 83% of the trade schools in Amsterdam and 73% of the universities are connected to the Eurofiber network.

Would you like to know more about what Eurofiber could achieve for your school or university? Take a look at our page on fiber-optics in education.


Eurofiber’s open fiber-optic network makes it easy for healthcare institutions to work together. All the academic medical centers and 80% of the general hospitals in Amsterdam are already experiencing the benefits.

Would you like to know more about what Eurofiber could achieve for your healthcare institution? Would you like to read more about what Eurofiber could achieve for your healthcare institution? Take a look at our page on fiber-optics in healthcare.

Municipal locations

Amsterdam is developing smart digital applications that enhance the city’s appeal for its residents and for the people who work here. 16% of municipal locations are currently connected to Eurofiber’s network, including De Mirandabad and the City Hall. In addition, 75% of the bridges and locks via Waternet and 22 security cameras are connected to our network.

Would you like to know more about what Eurofiber could achieve for your municipal location? Take a look at our page on fiber-optics in government and utilities.


As many as 91% of the datacenters in Amsterdam send and receive information via Eurofiber’s densely deployed fiber-optic network. Speed and reliability are required.

What does fiber in Amsterdam cost?

The costs of a fiber-optic connection in Amsterdam depend on where your organization is located relative to the closest network. This applies both to the one-time initial connection costs and to the monthly costs. More information can be found on our page about business internet on fiber.

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Fiber provided by Eurofiber gives you access to a fast, flexible and reliable fiber-optic connection. We offer an open network, because we believe that you should be free to decide who you exchange information and work with.

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