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Future-proof fiber-optic network supports continuity in your organization

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We can provide a fiber-optic connection for your organization.


Business Fiber: fast, reliable and flexible

Fiber: the network of today and the future.

How do you support the continuity of your organization as dependence on ICT continues to increase? Connectivity is essential – and your sector is no exception. You need fast and reliable connections for data transfer between your locations and your ICT environment. We offer you a future-proof, open fiber-optic network that meets the highest standards of quality.

Redundant connections

The unexpected failure of a network connection can have far-reaching consequences for your organization. What if your applications or corporate data are temporarily unusable? Redundant fiber-optic connections ensure maximum continuity of business-critical processes. We establish your connections via completely separate routes. Our ICT specialists will be happy to advise you.

Freedom to choose services and suppliers

Our network is open: you are free to choose your own services and providers. You also decide your provider for connecting your colocation to your corporate network. You have complete flexibility to set up your ICT environment the way you want it, safeguarding the continuity of your organization.

Enhanced and efficient collaboration thanks to connectivity

Connectivity is hugely important to collaboration, between your employees and in interaction with your prospects and customers. But what if workstations are not in the same location as the physical ICT environment? Give your employees access to applications in an internal or external datacenter, or in the cloud – anytime, anywhere. This leads to enhanced and more efficient ways of working in collaboration.

Solutions that guarantee optimal connectivity

Business Fiber lays the foundation for a secure digital infrastructure that makes information and applications optimally accessible. Based on our open network, it offers ultimate freedom to make unlimited use of all the digital opportunities at your disposal. Along with Business Fiber, we always offer your organization a suitable solution for guaranteeing optimal connectivity.

Why is connectivity so important?

Connectivity is the unifying theme that links all ICT services. Work with Eurofiber to determine which services you will be using for your super-fast, secure, cost-efficient data exchange. We’ll help you design the right ICT infrastructure, setup and services to ensure that your applications and systems are optimally available. You’ll be future-proofed to handle new technological developments.  


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