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Eurofiber Cloud Infra, part of Eurofiber Group, offers various innovative solutions to tailor your IT environment to your specific needs. Whether it's the secure and scalable Private Cloud platform, fully configured landing zones for your cloud, or the power of Kubernetes, we are here to support you in taking the step towards digital transformation.



Private Cloud

Secure and scalable cloud platform

Private Cloud form of cloud computing focuses on the IT infrastructure. A supplier makes this service available in subscription form in the cloud. This includes components such as the servers, storage hardware, network facilities and in some cases also the virtual machines (VMs).

If you choose Private Cloud, these components remain the property of the service provider. You purchase them as a service and only pay for the parts and resources that you actually use. The server environment and the operating system are delivered virtually via the cloud, while you are responsible for the management and set-up in which you install and configure your own software and applications.

With our Infrastructure as a Service platform, organizations can utilize customized, fully isolated resource pools on a scalable and securely deployed VMware Cloud Cluster. Offered as a pay-as-you-grow model that fits the current needs of many companies.

The platform is offered in a twin data center setup for maximum reliability. Dataplace Datacenters also have important certifications such as ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO50001, ISO14001 and ISAE 3402 type 2, which are required for customers in various sectors who work with privacy-sensitive or financial information. Read more about Private Cloud.


Accelerate your innovation process with Kubernetes 

Just as the arrival of containers in the world of shipping has accelerated logistics processes enormously, this is now also happening in the world of IT. Whereas the launch of an application used to take weeks or even months, we are talking about days or even hours. Containers are a game changer. By functionally looking at the environment in which applications are running, compatibility is never a problem again. Applications are portable, scalable and manageable.

But perhaps even more importantly, with Kubernetes as the global open-source standard for container technology, organizations are reducing their innovation cycle. It is possible to innovate in small steps – with microservices. Due to Kubernetes self-healingproperties, the risks associated with the innovation process are suddenly not so acute any more. And if an innovation turns out to be a huge success, then the automation and auto-scalingfeatures come in handy. You hardly have to worry about managing the network capacity for an application anymore.

Container technology creates a new dynamic that enables your organization to innovate on the basis of positive triggers. Read more about Kubernetes.

Landing zones

Fully configured environments for your cloud 

In the cloud, a good landing zone is a precondition for optimally organizing and managing your workloads. 

After all, the cloud is often a semi-finished product by nature. Landing zones transform a “naked” cloud environment and configure your AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions or GCP projects. Exactly how you do that is crucial to optimize matters such as security, connectivity, governance, monitoring, elasticity and control.

As part of a CloudHub implementation, landing zones are designed based on an Enterprise Model and the latest reference architecture from AWS, Azure or Google.

With automated deployments we can build segments for you for different applications and you can then assign management rights per segment to internal departments or even external service providers. Read more about landing zones.


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