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Since its founding in 2000, Eurofiber has become a leading provider and operator of open digital infrastructure in the Benelux and the North of France. The Eurofiber Group consists of Eurofiber (The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany), and Eurofiber Cloud Infra (The Netherlands). Eurofiber participates in the joint venture Unifiber in Belgium and has an investment partnership with a nationwide fiber infrastructure operation with NGN Fiber Network (Germany).

Edze Tollenaar, CFO Eurofiber: ‘Looking at our company, I think three things are significant. The first is the consistent growth we’ve seen over the last decade. The second is the reliable partner we proved to be for our stakeholders in terms of operational excellence. Finally, the outstanding quality of our network. We will continue to invest in our digital infrastructure, both organically and inorganically.’  

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