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Fiber optic speed and the technology behind it

In this article, you will read all about the speed of (business) fiber optic internet and the technology that makes this exceptional performance possible.

Speed fiber optic internet

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Fast and reliable internet is a basic necessity and a business utility these days. It is an essential part of any company’s digital infrastructure. Properly functioning internet ensures that employees can collaborate and access the right applications and data anytime, anywhere via the cloud. If the internet is cut off for a while, most entrepreneurs and businesses have a big problem. Business processes often become seriously disrupted as a result. 

There are three types of networks in The Netherlands that provide broadband internet: (A)DSL over the telephone line, cable internet over the COAX television cable, or fiber internet over a fiber-optic cable. We see that the popularity of fiber is growing. That’s mainly due to the speed and robustness of this internet connection. In addition, good fiber-optic connections are emerging in more and more places. Modern business fiber offers unprecedented possibilities when it comes to high upload and download speeds. Read more about the difference between ADSL, cable, and fiber here.

On this page, you can read all about the speed of (business) fiber and the technology that makes this exceptional performance possible. Long loading times, slow downloads, and buffering are becoming a thing of the past.


What is the fiber optic speed?

Internet over fiber-optic cables is the fastest option available in today’s digital marketplace. A much higher bandwidth is available using light signals than electrical signal transmission through a telephone or COAX cable. Moreover, this higher bandwidth can be transported over longer distances in fiber optics, whereas a telephone or COAX cable does not work very well after a few hundred meters. 

In an (A)DSL or cable internet network, the limitation is mainly in the cabling. In fiber-optic networks, that limitation is primarily in the speed of the transmitting and receiving equipment that sends the light signals through the fiber-optic cables. Fiber itself has the potential to carry many hundreds of terabits per second, making it the most future-proof choice for broadband internet.  

The reason why fiber is so fast? First, a fiber-optic cable is a very efficient medium for data transport. There is very little signal loss along the way, so a signal only needs to be amplified tens of miles away. Furthermore, a lot of bandwidth can fit through a single fiber at a time. More than 100 terabits per second have been sent through a fiber-optic cable in test labs without any problems.

Fiber optic for private and organizations

Difference between fiber optic internet for private use and organizations

We don’t reach the dizzying speeds from the test labs in the "real world" yet, but we are still making more than decent progress. The fastest fiber-optic connections for private individuals can be found in parts of the US and Japan. These can handle about 10 Gigabit per second. One Gigabit per second is currently pretty much the ceiling for private individuals in The Netherlands, but DELTA Fiber is rolling out higher bandwidths.

In terms of speed, there is a big difference between fiber for consumers and business fiber. Fiber for consumers is available in many places at speeds ranging from 10 Megabits to 1 Gigabit per second. Business fiber goes a step further. It’s available in The Netherlands up to 10 Gigabits per second.Tech experts expect fiber-optic connections for businesses and private individuals to rapidly gain speed outside of the test labs. Another major advantage of fiber is that the upload and download speeds are the same, unlike (A)DSL and cable internet. Both operations are equally fast..

Is the speed of fiber optic internet sufficient for business use?

The speed required for your business needs depends on several factors. For basic internet use, the requirements are not particularly high, but that changes if many people within the organization are using bandwidth-hungry technologies such as video conferencing. Another area of concern is the use of large files. For example, graphics companies often work with large files such as CAD drawings or 3D floor plans. To exchange these with colleagues, suppliers, and partners and to be able to continue working at a good pace, you need an above-average internet speed. 

The number of people who need to work over the internet simultaneously determines the internet speed that an organization needs. Sole proprietors or SMEs with a few employees naturally have different needs than an organization with hundreds of employees. In the first case, 20 Megabits per second is often sufficient, whereas use by large enterprises quickly demands speeds of 500 Megabits per second or more.

Are the capabilities that business internet currently offers adequate for even the most demanding businesses? If you choose the right provider and network, the answer is yes. One GB per second is already available in many places, while speeds of 10 GB per second are currently possible in The Netherlands. You are always assured of lightning-fast data transfer and well prepared for the future with such speed. If it is essential for business operations that the internet connection always works, then a redundant connection, duplicated with geographically separated routes that minimize the chance of a simultaneous disruption of both connections, is a wise choice.

Make the right choice and opt for fiber optic

There is no doubt that fiber has striking advantages over (A)DSL and cable in terms of internet speed. This is especially true for organizations with many employees and companies that regularly work with technology for video conferencing and heavy files. Business fiber, in particular, is an ideal solution for organizations that place high demands on their internet connections. In the following article, you can read more about the specific pros and cons of fiber optic internet.

Are you looking for expert advice for your organization? Or is your current internet no longer adequate and do you need a fast and reliable business fiber connection? Then Eurofiber would be happy to help you. We have a very meshed network and deliver business internet at speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second. Thanks to the capacity and stability of our fiber-optic network, bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming in 4k and exchanging large files are no problem at all. Via our Fiber Postcode Check, you can see if Business Fiber is also available in your postcode area.

Fiber optic, the network of today and the future

Business optic fiber: fast, reliable and flexible

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