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(Cost) efficiency through digital collaboration in healthcare.

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Our society is facing a major challenge. More and more care is needed. Therefore, there is a shift towards primary care and remote treatment. New technology is making this possible. Developments such as robotic surgery, the hospital at home, eHealth and patient portals are creating more efficiency and more time for real care. All this technology requires extremely fast and secure connections without delays or downtime. With our open fiber infrastructure, Eurofiber makes this intelligent care possible.

The healthcare sector is demanding technology solutions to improve the core process: using smart applications to increase quality, improve care and reduce costs. Hospitals often deal with multiple locations and many applications - from electronic medical records to remote care. But few healthcare organizations know the parties that handle data transport. How do your medical teams get the information they need, when they need it? Downtime is not an option: If your systems go down, your care could be at risk. Connectivity is a world we understand. Our fiber optic connections ensure that your (virtual) applications and data are always available quickly and in real time.

Secure storage

The volume of data generated by your hospital is increasing every day: Patient information, research material, high-quality images. You often need to store this data for years. Store your data securely in a data center. It's also ideal for housing all your applications, as a primary or secondary site, especially when combined with our redundant fiber network.

Healthcare facilities ready for the future

Physicians and care teams in healthcare need access to all kinds of data 24 hours a day. If systems fail, continuity - and people's health - will be at risk. Nowadays, people are working more and more with iPads and smartphones. This makes it possible to create reports together with the patient, for example in the electronic patient record. Even the administration of medication is signed off digitally, preferably directly with the patient. Mobile working requires a fast connection that is also reliable.

Fiber optic connections ensure that virtual applications and data are always available quickly and securely. Our fiber network provides flexibility and continuity for healthcare applications and data.


When connectivity is vitally important

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