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Optimal access to innovative digital education.

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In education today, almost everything depends on ICT. Without access to the network, students and staff are at a loss. Choose Eurofiber's reliable digital infrastructure. 

Based on switch to distance learning, the last few years have seen a number of new players enter the market. These players have already proven themselves with their products and services, and they are well aware that a reliable partner and a stable infrastructure are needed in order to be constantly available and to deliver good performance. This is becoming more and more important in the academic sector, but of course it is also increasingly asked by companies, which have discovered new training channels through remote working, enabling employees to continue their education at home. The current situation has definitely favored the success of e-learning. Both employees and companies benefit from it - and ultimately, of course, your customers as well.

Cloud computing

If the school's Wi-Fi isn't working, teaching is impossible. Class materials, the student monitoring system, salary administration, even controlling projectors and security cameras: Everything runs via the network. Even though there has been a switch from school to living rooms, pupils and students still need access to centralized stored information or learning platforms to exchange. Our redundant fiber connections provide speed, continuity and flexibility. Software as a service (SaaS), virtual servers or data storage in the cloud? Are you ready for it? 


Cloud applications, centralization, collaboration with other educational institutions: Transporting and storing your data requires ever-increasing bandwidth. With our infrastructure, you have room to grow: You can set your own bandwidth and choose your own services and service providers.


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