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Secure digital foundation for cloud computing

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The financial sector is facing major challenges dominated by digitization, changing customer demand and increasing international competition. The transition to hybrid cloud solutions and the associated integration of legacy systems is complex, as is the management of Big Data. And how can you innovate with FinTech on the one hand and with compliance and strict legislation on the other? An essential part of your solution lies in our critical infrastructure digital foundation.

Optimizing the online customer experience

Improving the online customer experience and protecting privacy are critical to the financial world. Personal data, payments and transactions need to be processed safely and securely, also keeping in mind reputations and the restoration of trust amongst customers and stakeholders. Digitize your services and develop online platforms. Make applications and online services available in the best possible manner - at any time, from any place and with any device. And offer the guarantee that users can log on to your web servers at any time. With our optic fiber infrastructure, you choose reliable connectivity as your digital foundation.

Our quality network is redundant: Fiber routes run on different, physically separate paths. The digital recording of our fiber optic network makes it clear how the connections are running. So, you can be sure of true redundancy. In addition, you have room for growth and can decide for yourself which services and service providers you want to connect.

Big Data and Cloud as the foundation for digital transformation

The digital transformation of your financial institution goes hand in hand with the transition to a new business model. Thanks to Big Data, it is possible to analyze customer enquiries quickly and act proactively and intelligently. The growth of data and the processing and storage of this data require high bandwidth on your WAN, data center or cloud connections. We make this possible with our fast and reliable fiber network and secure data centers.

Security and compliance

Regulators are placing more emphasis than ever on risk and reporting. Cybersecurity and combating cybercrime are also top priorities. Regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (Sox), Basel III and DNB standards impose stricter requirements on IT environment security, encryption and data storage. All of this requires complex analysis as well as new procedures, systems and certifications. To provide and share all the needed data and the results in models and reports high bandwidths are crucial. Lay the foundation with an infrastructure and data center that guarantee quality and security.

Maximize traffic speed and availability

Your business-critical data traffic must not stagnate or even get interrupted. To respond to price fluctuations and secure data in a timely manner, transactions must be executed with as little delay as possible. Exchange confidential transaction data quickly, in real time, and securely over our fiber optic connections. With the certainty that your systems are available around the clock.


When connectivity is vitally important

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