NGN Fiber Network - Eurofiber Germany and DB broadband sign framework agreement

Opens up a full 76,000 km of fiber to the telecommunications industry + unique network routes along railways and motorways + flexible handover points available at any point of either network

Frankfurt am Main, 24 November 2021 - NGN Fiber Network – Eurofiber Germany and DB broadband are launching a future of cooperation in access to their fiber-optic networks. To that end, the two providers have signed a framework agreement intended to offer carriers, ISPs, media and content providers, public utilities, local governments, businesses and public authorities access to an open, non-discriminatory network of over 76,000 km of fiber-optic infrastructure throughout Europe – a truly gigantic network that is set to have a dramatic impact on the digitalization of Germany and the rest of Europe.

Both networks share a unique approach in terms of network routes, mapped along transport lines of all kinds, but the two companies have something else in common: they both support handovers at any point of their fiber-optic networks. This feature is by no means a given in the fiber-optic world, and will accelerate the flexible and efficient rollout of fiber in Germany.

DB broadband is responsible for marketing unutilized capacity on Deutsche Bahn’s fiber-optic network. This network is routed along German railway lines, which allows it to reach even very remote, underserved regions. The network currently covers over 20,000 kilometers, and by 2027 it will be extended to cover DB’s entire network of railway lines (33,400 km).

NGN Fiber Network is a leading German dark fiber provider operating a unique, extensive and nationwide network of 17,000 km of long-distance and metropolitan fiber. It has city networks in Munich, Leipzig, Halle, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Erfurt, Berlin and others, and 160+ datacenters directly connected to the NGN network. NGN Fiber Network has just entered into a close partnership with the Eurofiber Group to expand its infrastructure even further.

Eurofiber is a leading European fiber infrastructure operator providing telecom operators, businesses, governmental institutions and non-profit organizations open access to its smart, future-proof network infrastructure, with more than 39,000 km of fiber in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.











Left to right: Dr. Christian Humpert – CEO DB broadband; Marco Weigand – CEO NGN; Dr. Christoph Klein – CEO Eurofiber; Gunnar Wegener – Manager Region South DB broadband