Rightbrains and Eurofiber partner in mission for gender balance in digital tech


RightBrains and Eurofiber are excited to announce a new partnership in the mission to bridge the  gender gap in digital technology.

RightBrains is a career and mentorship platform where women of all career stages can grow their careers in digital technology, and network with peers and industry leaders.

Andrea Kraus, Eurofiber Chief Revenue Officer, says: “Inter-organizational women’s networks are advantageous because they allow women to be vulnerable, share advice and put issues into perspective.” Adding to that, “RightBrains also provides training and development, and a hands-on approach to searching for and pursuing mentorship opportunities within the confines of a safe, industry-specific network.”

Eurofiber will host the RightBrains grand mentoring finale at the Eurofiber offices in Maarssen later this year.

Geke Rosier, founder of RightBrains, adds: “We are looking forward to Eurofiber bringing their knowledge, experience, and expertise to our community as mentors, educators, and collaborators. It is only when we collectively agree to make a difference, we can start seeing a difference!”