Eurofiber fleet 100% electric

Maarssen, 25 January 2022 - As of the start of this year, digital connectivity and cloud infra solutions provider Eurofiber has implemented a full-electric car only policy for all staff entitled to a lease car. With this, Eurofiber reduces the carbon footprint of its mobility by 88% by the end of 2026 and its total emissions by 36%.

Electrifying its fleet of 200 lease cars in the Netherlands and Belgium is part of the vast sustainability program which was started in 2020. Procurement Director Norian Wasch: ‘This program consists of a range of measures that need to count up to 50% of CO2 reduction by 2025 and the company being 100% climate proof by 2030.’ Energy saving and the use and recycling of environmental-friendly are among the other components of this program. Wasch: ‘We started various promising initiatives in the area of reducing our footprint by teaming up with our suppliers and partners, who are embracing the initiative and actively helping us finding solutions'.

Director People and Organization Yvonne van Rees - Vellinga says: ‘Alongside genuine enthusiasm of our suppliers, we see a pull from the labor market as well. Sustainability is one of the recurring topics applicants bring on the table in job interviews and our ESG (environmental, social, government)-policies help us in attracting scarce talents. In this way, building a sustainable, future-proof way of doing business, already pays off when recruiting in today’s labor market'.