Eurofiber acquires Appliwave and Avelia

Eurofiber has announced its intention to acquire B2B telecom providers Appliwave and Avelia from its current owner Septeo. Building on earlier acquisitions, Eurofiber is further strengthening its position in the French B2B telecom market. The intended acquisition is subject to customary regulatory approvals in France and is expected to be completed in the course of Q2 2023.

Appliwave is a Paris-based B2B infrastructure telecom operator that provides enterprises and wholesale customers with FTTO connectivity. Founded in 2010, it was acquired in 2019 by Septeo, a company specialized in IT solutions for legal and real estate professionals. In recent years, Appliwave had deployed its own fiberoptic networks in Paris, Lyon, Annecy and Reims, with a total length of over 2,600 kilometers. Its backbone network covers the whole of France and extends to Germany.

Avelia, headquartered in Nice, was founded in 2003 and was acquired by Septeo in early 2022. It has a large customer base of enterprises and wholesale partners in Paris and Nice. Avelia provides them with network security, telecoms and internet services.

Appliwave and Avelia will become part of Eurofiber France. With this acquisition, the Eurofiber Group is expanding its footprint in France, further executing its growth strategy. Earlier acquisitions were Lille-based Eurafibre, Eura DC and ATE (2019), Lumos (Nantes, 2020), FullSave (Toulouse and Bordeaux regions, 2020) and Netiwan (Montpellier region, 2021).

Pierre Cassier, CEO of Eurofiber France: “We are excited to welcome Appliwave and Avelia within the group. They extend our French footprint with a dense network in Paris and strong momentum in Lyon, combining network assets, market knowledge and commercial achievements. Together with the existing management and staff, who already have done an excellent job building these companies, we will provide best-in-class services to a wider group of customers and accelerate growth.”

















Eurofiber acquires French companies Appliwave and Avelia1