Maarssen, The Netherlands and Ruggell, Liechtenstein,

Eurofiber and ConnectiviTree Sign Cooperation Agreement

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Eurofiber Nederland B.V. (“Eurofiber”) and ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG (“ConnectiviTree”) today announced they have signed a Cooperation Agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, ConnectiviTree will acquire dark fiber on Eurofiber’s 66,700 km four-country fiber network, and Eurofiber will have an option to extend its strategic network reach on ConnectiviTree’s pan-European network, which aims to connect over 250 Points of Presence within Europe and beyond by 2025.

“Eurofiber is growing its fiber footprint fast based on a mix of strong customer demand and strategic acquisition, and it makes sense to collaborate with other network builders like ConnectiviTree to accelerate mutual growth,” said Eurofiber’s Managing Director International Business, Rhoderick van der Wyck. “We are delighted to join ConnectiviTree’s innovative global partner network and look forward to working with them to enhance and extend our international portfolio.”

“We are excited about Eurofiber’s endorsement of our business plan and more so about realizing the potential of this Eurofiber – ConnectiviTree alliance. With Eurofiber as a new partner, as part of our planned network rollout, our team will work closely with the Eurofiber team to extend our pan-European footprint and launch new services”, said ConnectiviTree President and CEO, Paul Cox. “We look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship with Eurofiber.”