Discover the technology behind our network

Our fibre-optic network ensures you speed and security. How does this technology work?

The principle of fibre-optics is simple.

  1. Special network equipment converts your digital information into pulses of light.
  2. These pulses of light move at ultra high speed through the fibre-optic cable.
  3. Equipment at the other end of the line receives the pulses and converts them back into digital information.

The number of light pulses per second determines the bandwidth: the higher the bandwidth, the faster the data transfer. The network equipment determines the number of light pulses. The capacity of optical fibre is essentially limitless.

Extra protection

  • Completely underground: our fibre-optic network is completely underground. The connections only surface at customers’ premises.
  • Protected by cable ducts: the network cables are safely enclosed in robust ducts. They consist of a large, practically inexhaustible number of optical fibres.
  • Physically separate connections: as a customer you can make exclusive use of one or more fibres and thus have physically separate connections. These connections even have their own individual technical specifications, despite the fact that the route may be shared with another customer.

Fibre-optics available?

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