Ethernet – Determine your own growth

If you need access to high-speed, flexible and reliable connections, consider our Ethernet Services. They offer you ideal growth potential.

Our Ethernet services are an effective combination: a powerful fibre-optic network together with Ethernet equipment of the highest quality. Begin with a 10 Mbps connection and gradually increase your bandwidth to as much as 1 Gbps – simply and without needing to make additional investments.

More virtual connections

Feel free to use your Ethernet services for various applications, such as Internet access, Internet telephony, data transport and remote data storage. Because our MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology makes it easy to define several virtual networks or connections.

Choose from:

  • Basic Ethernet services – up to 4 virtual connections, ‘best effort’ performance
  • Advanced Ethernet services – standard 4 virtual connections that can be extended to 10, guaranteed performance
  • Premium Ethernet Services – unlimited number of virtual connections, guaranteed performance

Download our brochure on Ethernet Services (only available in Dutch)

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