Use our network as the basis for your telecom services

Why invest in infrastructure if you don’t need to? Offer your services either partially or completely via our fibre-optic network, whether these are mobile telephony, high-speed Internet access, electronic-payment services or other applications.

Our reliable and secure finely meshed network forms the perfect base for all your services:

  • Use all protocols and services on a technologically neutral platform
  • Have constant access to sufficient capacity
  • Be assured of 99.9 to 99.99 percent availability
  • Focus on your own services and core competencies
  • Take advantage of thousands of connected buildings and ready-to-use connections to telehouses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Especially for:

  • Telecommunication companies: offer your services completely via our network in regions where you have no coverage yourself.
  • Carriers: connect local customers to your international backbone.
  • Cable companies: transmit content over a network with national coverage with connections to the Mediapark and seamlessly connect cable networks.
  • ISPs: transmit your content at low cost to consumers or business customers via existing local exchanges or your own DSL network.
  • Mobile operators: exchange GSM and UMTS data between your base stations and exchanges via different protocols.

Fibre-optics available?

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