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PLUS Retail

PLUS retail

Competition in the retail food trade is ruthless. It’s a case of sink or swim for many a supermarket chain. However, PLUS Retail is well and truly afloat. The cooperative association, with its membership of roughly 280 independent supermarket traders, is performing very well. The …

Technicolor Nederland


Pauw & Witteman, De Wereld Draait Door and De Nieuwste Show are just a few of the growing number of live Dutch TV programmes that are no longer recorded in a Hilversum studio, but on location in Amsterdam. There are numerous events that are broadcast …



KLM has seen an acute increase in it’s dependence upon ICT. A growing  number of business-critical processes run via the computer. Whether it’s online ticket sales and check-in and flight and crew planning, or dealing with freight and passenger flows at the airport and financial …

Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC

The Erasmus MC, University Medical Centre Rotterdam, is investing significantly in technology renewal. The WIFI solution illustrates this well. The medical centre worked together with telecom operator Orange to enable the secure use of mobile phones within the confines of a hospital. It was the first …

Amsterdam Internet Exchange – AMS-IX


AMS-IX is the world’s largest internet exchange. There are appr. 550 connected parties (peers), more than 70 per cent of whom are foreign ISPs and carriers, who use this infrastructure to exchange IP traffic. In the off-peak hours that still amounts to 1500 Gbps (1.5 Tbps). …


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